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Case Study 3

Case study 3 - Masterfile Notifications (MFN) used to upload Provider Details

Case study on the solution by Kestral Computing for a medical imaging group (MIG) in Australia, to upload initial requesting doctor information from a pipe (|) delimited ASCII file by using Master File Notifications (MFN segments ).


The MIG had a requirement to add more provider details to the existing database at the time of extending the application to include a new site. There were in excess of a 1000 providers to be added to the existing database which would require many hours of data entry. The data was only available in a single pipe delimited ASCII file.

The MIG was faced with the challenge of importing details of over 1000 providers in pipe delimited format from an external database. The alternative, a manual data entry process, would incur excessive time and cost, and would be prone to errors in data entry.


The solution was to use HL7Connect, which was already being used to route the hospital HL7 PMI feeds to read the pipe delimited file and translate the data file records into HL7 MFN messages for routing into the PMI interface to the application. Kestral wrote a VBscript, which is used by a ‘File Type’ incoming HL7Connect interface, which reads the ASCII file and translates the records into HL7 ADT\MFN update records for routing to an outgoing HL7 TCPIP HL7Connect Interface. The RIS could then process the MFN records and update the Provider tables. The 1000+ records were processed in only a few minutes with no data entry errors.


The File interface VBscript is a simple script that is applied to each record line of the ASCII pipe delimited file. The Vbscript parses each pipe delimited field into an array which is subsequently referenced to construct the master file notification HL7 message. The script produces one HL7 message per line of the input file.

This script demonstrates how easy it is to translate file based data into HL7 messages within HL7Connect using simple scripting.

Key Success Factors:

  • A simple script of only a few lines which took only a few minutes to write saved many hours of data entry and avoided data enter errors.
  • No outgoing interface was required as the existing HL7 TCP\IP PMI interface could be used.

    This script is available to others to use freely at the HL7Connect web site code repository at Free public access is available to this resource.