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HL7 Development Environment Videos - Scripting Tutorial 5 Parts A and B

Translating an HL7 Message (Parts A and B)

Quite often messages being sent from one system may not always be compatible to another system. These differences may range from minor movements of data between components and translating differing code sets between the 2 systems to massively reworking the HL7 message. HL7Connect gives the administrator full access to the elements in the message for manipulation through the scripting environment. This powerful tool allows the user to create scripts leveraging on simple to complex business logic as required.

This tutorial guides the user through this problem, firstly by defining the problem and the issues that need to be resolved by HL7Connect. The second part of the tutorial will demonstrate how to setup the test case with a test message and the beginnings of our script that will perform these manipulations.

Tutorial #5 Parts C, D & E will complete the script to perform the outstanding issues in this tutorial.

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Tutorial 5 - Translating an HL7 message
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