1. Click on Browse Logs in the HL7Connect navigation task bar
  2. Choose the Interface Audit Trails tab
  3. Click on the name of the interface you are interested in

The Audit History for an interface includes four columns of information:

Column   Details
Date  When the event occurred. The date according to the HL7Connect server.
User  The user who generated the event. If no user is associated with the event, then the event was generated by the system.  
Code  A code for the event. The following event codes are defined:

  • User Start - user request to start the interface
  • User Stop - user request to stop the interface
  • System Start - the system started the interface (system is starting)
  • System Stop - the system stopped the interface (system is shutting down)
  • Interface Start - the transport layer connected with the remote system
  • Interface Stop - the transport layer lost the connection
  • Route Change - the user changed the routes associated with the interface
  • Reconfigure - the user reconfigured the interface
  • Log Cleared - the user cleared the interface log
  • Internal Restart - the interface either restarted itself, or was restarted by a script
  • Manual Sequence Numbering Reset
  • Auto Sequence Numbering Reset
  • Internal Stop - stopped either due to too many consecutive internal errors, or by a script

Details    A comment made by the user, or the system if applicable

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