Messages and Documents stored by HL7Connect can be browsed by:

  1. Click on Messages/Documents in the HL7Connect navigation bar
  2. Choose the Messages tab
  3. Click on the Browse button

Fifty messages or documents per page will be displayed with the most recently received message displayed at the top of the page.

Direction buttons

The direction buttons can be used to move backwards and forwards through the list:

Buttons    Number of messages/documents moved
Reverse ButtonForward Button    Fifty (a page)
Fastreverse ButtonFastforward Button    Five hundred (10 pages worth)
Endreversefastforward    Jumps to the start or end of the list.

Depending on which filter is used, the number of items jumped when jump "500 items" is applied is a calculated guess, being based on the message/document frequency, and the items meeting the filter requirements.

Filtering Messages & Documents

Filter the list to display messages by certain criteria:

Filter by field    Description of filter
MRN    Medical record number - a unique patient identifier. Only messages with a single MRN are indexed and found using this filter.
ID    The received message or document ID
DATE/TIME    Filters the messages by the date/time period of the messages received at the interface
Event    Searches by document or event type. For HL7 v2 messages, uses the three letter HL7 code for particular event types, for example "A18", or a single character for a class of events ("A"). For CDA documents, shows a list of all the document types that are in the store at the time.  
Annotation    Filters by the value of one the annotation names known to the system
Source    The incoming interface which received the message or document
Queued to    Searches for messages or documents queued to the selected outgoing interface

The message list

Click on the "View/Resend" link to View Message/Document Information

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