Users with Control Users or Configure Interfaces access to HL7Connect can create or configure an interface.

NOTE: Users with insufficient privileges will not have the Administration option in the navigation bar.

  1. Select Administration in HL7Connect navigation bar
  2. Select the Interfaces tab
  3. Click on the Create New Interface button

    NOTE: Compulsory fields are marked with a *

  4. Enter the name of the interface, choosing a descriptive name for each interface to help other users of HL7Connect
  5. Select the mode of the interface, whether the new interface is going to be inbound (listening) or outbound (sending). This can never be changed.
  6. Select the content type of the interface, whether the new interface is going to be be for HL7 v2 messages, or CDA documents. This can never be changed.
  7. Choose the transport type to be used for messaging

    NOTE: The transport type can be changed at a later stage. The list of transport types depends on the content type.

  8. Click the Create Interface button

The next step is to configure the interface.

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