To view anything beside the status page, a user account is required.

A master administrator account is created when HL7Connect is first installed. Other user accounts may be created anytime for specific users.

Security Measures

As a security measure, HL7Connect will temporarily disable a user account when more than five consecutive logins fail. The account will become active after ten minutes, and other users are still able log into the HL7Connect interface during this time.

It is recommended that the system administrator account not be used for general use, and that it be the only account with the privileges to create and administer other users.

Creating a new user

Create a new User

  1. Click on the Administration title in the navigation bar
  2. Click on the Users tab
  3. Click Create New User
  4. Assign a User Name (for example first-name, last-name)
  5. The toggle switch "Status" enables the user to have access to HL7Connect. It also allows an existing user to be excluded from using the HL7Connect interface without their user details being deleted.
  6. Assign a login to the user
  7. Assign the user a password
    NOTE: Using a mix of letters, numbers and symbols will reduce the ease with which potentially hostile users can "crack" the password.
  8. Confirm the password by entering the password again
  9. Allocate an Access level
  10. Set the default session length. This is a security measure which prevents a user from leaving a machine logged into the HL7Connect interface for extended periods of time.
    NOTE: The session time is a timer function, not a total time, and will reset to zero each time the interface is accessed by the user.
  11. Setting the IP address and mask allows you to limit the access to HL7Connect to a specific PC, or group of PCs

Managing Users

Once a user has been created, you can modify, delete or recover a users profile.

Modify User Profile

  1. Select Administration from the HL7Connect navigation bar
  2. Click on the Users tab
  3. Select the user account that you would like change
  4. Click the associated Edit button for the user
  5. The user profile page is shown which may be edited as required

NOTE: If you do not enter anything in the password fields while editing the user profile, the user's password will remain the same.

Delete a user

  1. Select Administration in the HL7Connect navigation bar
  2. Click on the Users tab
  3. Select the user to be deleted
  4. Click the associated Delete button for the user
  5. A dialogue page appear on your screen, notifying you if the user has a audit history.

    NOTE: Due to database referential constraints, users who have an audit history cannot be deleted. In such a case, HL7Connect will only allow you to deactivate which will give you the option to reactivate these users at a later stage if required. However user profiles that have not been used at all will be completely deleted, and cannot be recovered.

  6. If the user has an audit history, click the Deactivate User button
  7. If the user has not used HL7Connect, you be able to delete the user profile by clicking the Delete button

Recover a Deactivated User

  1. Click on Administration in the navigation task bar
  2. Choose the Utilities tab
  3. Click the Recovery button
  4. Choose the Users tab
  5. Select the user profile you would like to reactivate
  6. Click on the associated Recover button for the user profile

The user will now be listed in the Administration > Users page.

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