A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a separately compiled binary program that can be loaded into the HL7Connect process. Using a DLL caters for unusual requirements which are not covered by any of the other available interface types.

DLL Details

The following settings configure a DLL to be loaded and used by HL7Connect. Refer to Technical Specifications for greater detail.

Field    Description
DLL File Name   File name of the DLL. Must be a valid server file name, using the full file path.

NOTE: It is recommended that spaces are not used as part of the DLL name.

Library Entry Point Names     Entry point names are case sensitive
  Startup    Procedure called at startup
  EntryProc    Procedure called when a message needs to be sent (outgoing only)
  Status    Procedure called when a HL7Connect user views the status page
  Free Mem    Procedure called by HL7Connect to free memory allocated by the DLL
  Close    Procedure called prior to the DLL being unloaded
Entry Parameter    String parameter passed through to the DLL, in the DLL context

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