By using a dial-up configuration or a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you gain a degree of flexibility in transmitting messages to applications external to the enterprise.
For example, HL7 Messages can be transmitted to and from a country site, or a doctors surgery, at convenient times, which take into account other message traffic.

NOTE: You will be unable to access any dial up connections until Dial-up connections have been created on the machine from which HL7Connect runs.

Create a Dial up connection

Consult Windows Help for assistance when creating dial-up and VPN connections.

Notes on creating a Dial-up Connection

Administering Dial-up Connections

  1. Click on Administration in the HL7Connect navigation tool bar
  2. Select the Configuration tab
  3. Click the Dial-up button

Choosing a Default Connection

HL7Connect will connect to the default connection if no other connection is selected.

Dial-up Schedules

HL7Connect lists all of the dial-up connections available.

For each connection, the following options can be chosen:

Field    Description
Do not dial this connection    Do not dial on this connection
Dial Regularly    With this option, the connection is scheduled to connect for y minutes every X minutes throughout the day
Dial at specified times    With this option, the connection can be scheduled to connect at specific times for a set duration.

For example, 08:00;10,13:00;10,18:00;10 specifies that the connection will be scheduled to connect at 8am, 1pm and 6pm for 10 minutes.


HL7Connect will only connect to one interface at a time, and may establish a connection queue.

The RAS scheduler will process the entries in the queue in order of seniority.

Only one entry per connection is allowed in the queue, to limit queue length. Even if an interface is scheduled to connect using a specific connection, if that connection is already queued to connect, no additional connection entries will be added.

You can monitor the status of the RAS scheduler through the Browse Logs page

Using Dial-up Connections

If an interface requires a Dial-up connection to be established in order to function, you can select a specific dial-up connection through the interface configuration page. If the interface is dependent on a particular connection, it will be stopped and started as the connection is connected and disconnected.

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