HL7Connect allows authorised users to download messages or documents to a file.

Choose Messages/Documents to Download

  1. Click Messages/Documents in the HL7Connect Navigation Task bar
  2. Choose the Messages tab
  3. Choose the Download button
  4. See Selecting Messages/Documents for message selection criteria
  5. When you have filled in sufficient fields to select the message(s) or document(s) that you want to download, click the Select Messages/Documents button
  6. The number of currently selected messagesor documents will be displayed
  7. Next, choose the download format via the drop down box
  8. Click the Download Selected Messages button
  9. The File Download Wizard Dialogue box will appear
  10. Click OK
  11. Choose a path and file name in which to save the messages
  12. Click OK

Download File Formats


You can nominate a script to run on the messages before downloading them. Typically you would do this when the messages would be sent to an outbound interface after a script was applied, and you want to download the messages with the same script applied.

The script event that is used is OnSendMessage, though the interface (source and destination) will be missing (e.g. null when the script executes).

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