Recognised File Type Specifications

Plain HL7

Plain HL7 files have a single HL7 message in a file. Segment separators are either 0x0D or 0x0D0A.

HL7 Batch

HL7 Batch is a single file with a format consistent with the HL7 Batch format. Described in the Control Chapter of the 2.x HL7 Standards. Segment separators must be 0x0D only, 0x0D0A is not accepted.

If the file contains only one batch, the Batch Header Segment (BHS)/Batch Trailer Segment (BTS) may be omitted, and the File Trailer Segment (FTS) tag should contain the batch message count. Batch Files produced by HL7Connect will contain a single batch with BHS/BTS segments.

LLP Dump

LLP Dump consists of a file, with 1 or more messages. Each message is preceded by the wrapper characters, 0x0B, and followed by 0x1B0D. Any content between these wrapper characters will be ignored. Segment separators must be either 0x0D or 0x0D0A.

This format is equivalent to a raw dump of an MLLP TCP/IP stream.

Delimited Text

HL7Connect is able to read and write plain text files. Scripts are used to enable HL7Connect to convert between text and HL7 messages. Sample scripts are provided in the HL7Connect Development Environment Help.

Text files must use 0x0D0A to delimit the text records. There is built in default handling for tab or comma delimited text records. Scripts are not confined to supporting tab, or comma delimited records.

Response messages are handled in a different manner to text files. If responses are to be saved then the original text buffer, the message created by the script, and the answering message from HL7Connect will be written as plain text in the response file.

This is to assist in debugging the text to HL7 message process. For this reason, "Errors" should be chosen for the debugging policy for text files.

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