HL7Connect supports extensive scripting with the HL7Connect Development Environment.

While this document provides basic configuration functionality information, advanced help with scripting can be obtained from HL7Connect Development Environment Help.


There are two separate scripting sections in the Global Scripting Options page:

Kernel Scripts

With this option, a script can be executed when HL7Connect starts, and another when it stops. These scripts should be ones that, for example, open all the databases needed in the day-to-day use of HL7Connect, as starting and stopping HL7Connect can often be months apart once HL7Connect is running within the enterprise. This is more efficient that opening/closing database connections each time a message is received, especially with high traffic interfaces.

Kernel scripts are configured using the script configuration settings which are used throughout HL7Connect. See Script Configuration Options for parameters and their meanings.

NOTE: If the startup script fails, HL7Connect may fail to start. If this problem occurs, you should start HL7Connect in a special mode with interface startup, and Kernel startup scripts disabled, in order to resolve it. See HL7Connect Manager for further information.

Script Languages

HL7Connect uses the Microsoft Scripting Engine which supports multiple script languages. The language for a particular script is identified by the file extension. Known file extensions and their languages are defined in this section.

The list of available languages types is read from the table gwScriptLangs in the HL7Connect database. If the language you wish to use is not in this table, you can add it to the table, or make a script map in the registry, directly under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Kestral\HL7Connect\ScriptMappings.

NOTE: You must use a language name recognised by the Microsoft Scripting Engine.

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