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The HL7Connect install program will either install new HL7Connect or upgrade an existing system. The install program will install HL7Connect in one of two modes: a production server, which runs as a windows service in the background, or in developer mode, where HL7Connect runs as a desktop application. If you have a purchased certificate, this will dictate what kind of mode is installed. If you are evaluating HL7Connect, then you can choose which mode to install.

HL7Connect requires a database in order to operate. Two database servers are supported: Microsoft SQL Server (versions 2005, 2008, 2012) and MySQL (versions 5.1+). If you have an existing installed database, then you can configure HL7Connect to use that. Otherwise, choose to install the Dedicated HL7Connect MySQL Service - this is a full MySQL server (v5.5.27) specially installed to support HL7Connect (you can choose to use for other use if you want). Other kinds of database may be used in addition.

HL7Connect is cluster aware. For information about installing on a cluster, see Cluster Installation.

System Requirements

The hardware requirements for HL7Connect vary greatly depending on the transaction load and how scripts are used. Disk storage requirements depends how long HL7Connect is configured to retain content. A standard hospital with information flow rates of around 1 message or document per second should be able to run HL7Connect on a standard entry level server.


Upgrade Notes

In addition to upgrade the installed program files, an upgrade will also upgrade the database. Before upgrading a production server, a clone of the database should be created (usually by restoring a backup) and upgraded first. This process achieves the following outcomes:

Note that the standard HL7Connect license allows for this kind of usage, and in order to simplify the process, the upgrade process can configure HL7Connect so that the interface do not start automatically (and interfere with the production HL7Connect of which the test upgrade is a clone).

Warning: ensure that the database has enough transaction log space to perform the upgrade in the live system. The amount of transaction log space required varies greatly depending on the configuration of HL7Connect, the contents of the database being upgraded, and the version range of the upgrade, so it's not possible to provide a pre-determined transaction log size. As a rule of thumb, the free space in the transaction log should be at least as big as the database size. This is an important part of a test upgrade, so check the size of the transaction log before and after a test upgrade.

What is installed?

These parts may not be installed depending on the options selected when the installer runs.

Specific documentation for the install

Choosing a certificate

A license certificate is required to run HL7Connect. You can either purchase a new certificate from the HL7Connect web site, or choose to install an evaluation certificate. An evaluation HL7Connect is fully functional, but will only run for 30 days after the initial installation. You can apply a licensed certificate later if you choose.

If a previous installation of HL7Connect is detected (either the installed application is found, or a previous configuration for connecting to a database), then the details of what is found will be listed, along with information concerning what actions the installer will take), and the installation can use the existing HL7Connect certificate.

Installation folders

The installation program prompts for two folders during the installation:

These can be changed from their default values, but the impact of the windows security model needs to be considered; the executables in the application folder must be able to be run, and the data in the storage must be writeable by both service and user applications.

If HL7Connect is being upgraded, these values should not be changed unless you are sure that leaving an old application folder will not be a problem, or that abandoning the existing HL7Connect store will not create operational difficulties (not recommended).

Components & Tasks

Some of the components may be disabled on the basis that a particular selection is mandated or precluded by the certificate choice, or the upgrade conditions. For instance, if you are upgrading, or the service is already installed from a previous installation, you can't install the dedicated mysql service. It is possible to have no choices to make for the components list.

Documentation for the tasks:

MySQL Password

If you choose to install the Dedicated MySQL service, the installer will prompt you for a password. If you don't provide a password, then the installer will configure MySQL to use a randomly generated password, and configure HL7Connect accordingly.

There is no way to recover this password!. If you want to use the MySQL database for other purposes, or you want to backup the MySQL database, then you should provide your own password.

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