The status of an interface can be monitored through observing the general status page, or by monitoring the specific interface status page. In addition, the interface can be configured to inform administrators of error conditions, using notification profiles.

The General Status Screen

Shows all interfaces, with the current status of the interface shown in one of the 3 colours:

Refer to Status Screen for a more detailed description.

The general status screen is updated every 30 seconds.

Interface Status Screen

If you click on the name of an interface in the status screen, a new window will pop-up that shows the interface status screen. The interface status screen is updated every 3 seconds, and the background colour is the colour of the status of the interface.

This page is intended to be used on a display console, dedicated to displaying the current HL7Connect status, so administrators can assess at a glance, the status of each interface.

Internal Interface Monitoring

HL7Connect can be configured to observe the interface status, and notify an administrator, if error conditions persist. See Interface Logging for further details

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