The status page is the first page displayed on starting up HL7Connect. After HL7Connect installation, the staus page will not show any interfaces until they are created.

It can be observed by anyone with http access to the web port on the HL7Connect server machine, but only authorised users may have further access to the HL7Connect interfaces/configuration.

The Status Page is intended as a one-glance monitoring display, showing active inbound and outbound interfaces and is the first port of call for users wanting to perform the following operations:

Stop/Start interfaces       View Interface history       Configure Interfaces       View Messages

Outgoing Interfaces Incoming Interfaces Private Error AR Error AE Error Internal Error Status Screen

More information on the status page can be found here:

  1. Outgoing Interfaces
  2. Incoming Interfaces
  3. Private Error
  4. AR Error
  5. AE Error
  6. Internal Error
  7. Interface status pop up

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