There are a variety of areas where you can configure aspects of your HL7Connect installation.

Topic    Description
Global Options    The main area where settings in HL7Connect are adjusted. Some settings include SMTP server details, and message storage periods.
Creating and Managing Users    Allows you to create and manage user accounts for access to different areas of HL7Connect
Creating and Managing Notifications Profiles    Set up notification profiles to send emails or write to the event log. These notifications can then be linked in certain areas of HL7Connect, such as when a script errors.
Dial up Configuration    Provides flexibility for contacting remote or external sites that are not constantly online
Global Scripting Options    Scripting options available for HL7Connect
HL7Connect Manager    The Manager is used to change the back-end configuration of HL7Connect such as licence status, database provider and how HL7Connect will starts up

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