System debug logs provide useful information, especially for debugging.
It is also helpful for diagnosing HL7Connect startup issues.

There are three debug logs within HL7Connect:

All three logs are text logs which are written to by HL7Connect as it starts, runs and stops. The start and stop logs are kept separately so that these are retained for a lot longer, to allow comparison between a failed start or stop and the last successful one.

These logs are found in the data store. The default location for this is <All Users>\Application Data\HL7Connect\Logs, but this may be changed during the install

To view the system debug logs

  1. Click on Browse Logs in the HL7Connect navigation bar.
  2. Choose the File Logs tab.
  3. Click on the file name, for the log you wish to view.

Log File Names and Sizes

The default log file names are HL7CStart.log, HL7CDebug.log, and HL7CStop.log in the log file directory. The logs have a size limit. When this limit is reached, HL7Connect truncates the log by removing the oldest entries, retaining the most recent.

NOTE: This may arbitrarily truncate the first line of the file from the front, so this line may be incomplete.

You can change the file names and sizes using the file HL7logs.ini in the Log file directory. The ini file contents are:


The name is relative to the log file directory, and may specify sub directories. For example, system\start.log specifies that the log will be named "start.log" and found in the system subfolder of the logs folder. The log file name can include relative calculated Log file names

The log sizes specified in the ini file are in kb. 0 means that there is no limit


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