Possible reasons for HL7Connect startup to fail

Unable to connect to database Check that the database is available/operational.
Note that the HL7Connect service starts fairly quickly and may start before the database when the system starts up if the database is located on the same server. You can resolve this by using the HL7Connect Manager to make the HL7Connect dependent on the database service your install is using.
In addition, since it appears that this fails sometimes, you can also set the configuration value \Service\StartUp\DatabaseTimeout to specify the number of seconds that HL7Connect should wait before failing to start. The default value is 30 seconds, or 90 seconds on a cluster (Can take SQLServer some time to failover). Note that the longer this value, the longer HL7Connect will take to report that it has failed to start.
Note that this configuration value can only be set in the HL7Connect.Configuration.xml file directly
Database Schema Errors Consult Logs for details of errors, and consult Kestral.
HL7Connect inspects the database at start and checks that the database schema conforms to the expected details. If the schema isn't correct, HL7Connect will refuse to start. Generally this would only be seen immediately after upgrade, and indicates a failure in the upgrade process. The errors can be found in the HL7Connect logs. Consult Kestral for assistance in this case.
If you want to try starting HL7Connect anyway - it may start and function, depending on how serious the issues are - set the configuration item \Service\Startup\IgnoreErrors to 'true'.
Note that this configuration value can only be set in the HL7Connect.Configuration.xml file directly
Unable to open server ports HL7Connect must open 2 ports at start up, web and telnet servers. It cannot start if either of these ports are in use. To check if they are in use, open a command prompt and run "netstat -a". If you see something listening on either of these 2 ports, then you must stop it. You may see ports in a TIME_WAIT state that are blocking HL7Connect from starting. You must wait for these to clear (generally about 240 seconds on windows). Search Google for TIME_WAIT for further information.
System configuration is invalid An interface may be set to "HALT HL7Connect" on script error - if your script errors straight away, due to the interface starting automatically you will never get the opportunity to remove the script to debug it as HL7Connect will always be halted. In such a case, you can use the HL7Connect manager to set "No Interfaces start automatically", so no scripts or interfaces run, and you have a chance to access HL7Connect and repair the issue.
File interfaces fail to start Clear out the working directory for the file interface, and try starting again
Errors working on file for file interface Ensure that the file format for the file interface is specific for the file the interface is handling. For example, if you specify HL7 Batch as a file format, make sure you send HL7 Batch files to the polled directory or the interface may not process the files.

The easiest way to trouble shoot HL7Connect start up problems is to run HL7Connect in debug mode. To do this, go to the HL7Connect binary directory (default location is "c:\Program Files\HL7Connect\bin"), and execute the command "HL7Connect -debug", and HL7Connect will start in it's own window, showing the log in the window. Note that this is the fully featured HL7Connect that runs in this case; to shut it down, press ctrl-C while the HL7Connect windows has focus.

HL7Connect Development Environment failing to start

If the HL7Connect Development Environment fails to start, it is usually because the database is not available. If the database has been moved, you can reconfigure the development environment by holding down the SHIFT key while starting. If the problem is a file that it is trying to reopen, you can prevent reopening files by holding the CTRL key down.

Configuring the size of HL7Connect Logs

HL7Connect keeps three logs in the /logs directory. HL7Start.log, HL7Debug.log, and HL7Stop.log. These files cover the startup phase, normal running, and shutdown phases respectively. Different files are kept for startup and shutdown so that the startup and shutdown records are not lost during normal long periods of operation.

By default, the log sizes are 16k, 64k and 16k respectively. The are trimmed from the front, so always contain the most recent information. You can configure the size of these log files by creating a file hl7logs.ini in the logs directory, with the following entries. Note that the sizes are in kilobytes.


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