1. Logging and Debugging tools in HL7Connect

HL7Connect includes many logging and debugging tools that can assist to identify and rectify problems with connected interfaces, HL7Connect configuration, and internal HL7Connect issues.

Browse Logs
Most of the logs collected by the system can be viewed from the Browse Logs page available as a link from any page in HL7Connect. The many logs and audit trails available through this page are documented under "Browse Logs".

Telnet Service
HL7Connect includes a built in telnet server. You can log into the telnet server to view the full internal debug log and view some key internal debugging status reports.

Script Debugging support
HL7Connect includes several tools to debug scripts. The tools and their use is documented in the HL7Connect Development Environment Documentation.

Database SQL Logging
Occasionally the database underlying HL7Connect will cause HL7Connect to hang or run extremely slowly. Since there is many possible reasons for this, a thorough SQL debugging layer is included in HL7Connect

Other Debugging techniques
Running HL7Connect in debug mode

2. Troubleshooting known problems

Start Up problems
There are several reasons why HL7Connect may fail to start. This troubleshooting guide assists administrators to identify and resolve the common issues preventing HL7Connect from starting.

TCP/IP Interface Connection Problems
Interfaces my experience connection issues - the above link attempts to give some help into how to diagnose an issue and rectify it.

Scripting Problems
Refer to the HL7Connect Development Environment Documentation for further assistance.

3. Support

For support options, check the HL7Connect website, which provides a Community Forum, a Bug/Features database, and additional details about the email support that the HL7Connect support team offers.

4. Known Problems

Problem Possible Resolutions
Configuration.xml locking problems The master configuration file is <commonappdata>/HL7Connect/Configuration/HL7Connect.Configuration.xml. This file is used by all HL7Connect processes, and there is a system global lock to ensure that only one procecss reads it at a time. When trying to open the configuration file, HL7Connect waits up to 10 seconds. In theory, this should always be enough, but in practice background processes - particularly backups - can hold up access to the file for longer than this. If locking errors occur, you can extend the timeout by specifying your own timeout on root document element: "<HL7Connect timeout="25000">
Security Problems As Microsoft steadily tighten up security on Windows, the number of ways that HL7Connect can be broken seems to increase exponentially. The HL7Connect Development Environment runs as a normal user program. The HL7Connect Manager runs as a normal user program, but is flagged to ask for UAC elevation where UAC is supported. HL7Connect itself runs as a service under a specified acount. The service is prone to having access denied to files, databases (specially MSSQL using windows authentication), shared folders on other servers, and even the windows script host. One easy way to resolve whether security permissions are a problem is to run HL7Connect in debug mode. (To do this, go to \bin in the HL7Connect installation directory, and execute HL7Connect.exe with the -debug flag. The HL7Connect service must be stopped before you do this). In debug mode, HL7Connect runs identically, except that it runs in the security context of the user who starts it; under this mode, it will have a different set of accesses - it is likely to have more access to shared resources and less access to system resources. This can be a convenient way to test for whether a problem is caused by a security permission.
Database Access Problems There is also a myriad of different problems that can cause database access problems. Here's a check list to help resolve problems:
  • (MSSQL) Correct MSSQL driver installed
  • Can resolve host name using DNS
  • Can connect to the appropriate port on the server (check firewall issues)
  • (MSSQL) If using windows authentication, is the account that HL7Connect is running under a valid login account on MSSQL?.
  • Does the login account have access to the HL7Connect database? (the HL7Connect account needs select|insert|update|delete privileges)

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