The HL7Connect Type Library defines the HL7Connect API that is used in both Windows Script Host languages (i.e. Javascript and VBScript), and in the COM library (any COM capable language, including C#, VB, C++, Delphi, etc). Due to differences in architecture and the invocation process, not all interfaces are supported in both environments. Each Interface is clearly marked whether it is available in COM, scripting, or both.

There are four main contexts of use for this API:

For further details concerning the COM modes and the use of COM interfaces, see COM Interfaces. Scripts are always launched by events.

Differences between COM and Scripting

While the API is shared between COM and scripting, there are some differences between the two.

The most important difference is that some interfaces are not available on COM, and some are not available in scripting. Some functionality is provided to the scripts that doesn't make sense to provide to COM - such as database access. Some interfaces are only defined for COM since COM interfaces are invoked differently.

There is one other difference: DotNet only supports one indexed property per class, but several of the HL7 v2 classes have multiple indexed properties defined. In COM, only one of these properties is declared as a property; all the others are declared as methods (though the name is the same).

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