The Browse Logs page includes three kinds of logs:

Interface Audit Trails

This section lists audit trails for each of the defined interfaces, and also the resend log (which keeps track of manual message sending to interfaces).

To view an audit trail, click on the name of the interface. The contents of the audit trail are described under Audit History. To clear an audit trail, click on the corresponding "Clear" button.

File Logs

There are two kinds of file logs on the system. The first is the internal debugging logs maintained by HL7Connect, of which there are three logs. These internal logs and their use are described in System Debug Logs.

In addition to these internal logs, any logs currently defined for interfaces will also be listed on this page. You can view the contents of these logs and clear them. Beware not to attempt to view a file that it bigger than the HL7Connect server and your browser can handle, as logs can be many Mb in size. In such a situation, navigate to the log file location via Windows Explorer and open the log using Windows Notepad. The format of the file will be as configured in the Interface Logging Configuration.

Internal Logs

Database Performance Statistics
There will be one link for each Database Connection defined in the system. Scripts may define other database connections which will then add to this list. Note, that the first link will always be "HL7Connect DB" which is the HL7Connect database itself. To view the database connection statistics, click on respective button. You will see a constantly updated view of the Database Performance Statistics for the selected database connection

HL7Connect logs all internal exceptions that occur, and stores them for 24 hours. This link can be used to view the exception history for the last 24 hours.

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