Where log file names can be configured in the system, the names can include calculated parts. These calculated parts allow for flexibility in configuring how logs are retained for future reference.

Calculated Log files can be used in the following places:

A calculated name is a file name that contains tokens that will be replaced with other text when the name is used. Note: this format is equivalent to the Token Syntax used for outgoing file interfaces but more limited in scope. For instance, the following filename in the HL7Connect configuration:


when used on 10-Oct 2001 at 10:10pm will produce a file with the name:


Directories are created as needed when the filename is actually determined.


Tokens which are able to be used for generating filenames:

Token    Description    Examples and Notes
$D([yyyy] [mm] [dd] [hh] [nn] [ss])    Inserts the current date/time in the format, shown in brackets to the left.   

NOTE: The default format for the date is mmddhhnnss.

yyyy = year

mm = month

dd = date

hh = hours

nn = minutes

ss = seconds

More information on tokens that can be used is found at Date/Time Tokens

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