HL7Connect allows administrators to view statistics about the performance of the database. This allows any potential problems related to performance issues to be either tracked down or spotted before they could impact upon system performance.

To access the database performance statistics page:

  1. Click on the Browse Logs title in the navigation bar
  2. Click on the Internal tab
  3. Click the HL7Connect DB button


Database Performance Statistics Table

You will be presented with a table, with details similar to the table below:

Operation ServFail    Count    Errors    Avg(ms)    Min(ms)    Max(ms)
AssignSequenceNumber 0   1   0   14   14   14
Check User Level 0   1   0   61   61   61
Clean interface Log 0   1   0   16   16   16
Clean Messages 0   1   0   78   78   78
Get Queue Length 0   8   0   9   0   16
Get Sequence Num 0   15   0   9   0   31
Get User Name 0   1   0   15   15   15
Get User Session Length 0   1   0   0   0   0
GetVersion 0   2   0   31   30   31
Init Internal MsgKey 0   1   0   32   32   32
KScript: list interfaces 0   2   0   515   499   531
KScript: notifylist 0   1   0   156   156   156
KScript: outinterfacelist 0   1   0   172   172   172
KScript: Row Counter 0   60   0   17   14   63
KScript: userlist 0   1   0   108   108   108
List Valid Interfaces 0   1   0   31   31   31
Load Config 0   1   0   15   15   15
Load Interface Details 0   15   0   11   0   94
Load Route 0   7   0   11   0   16
Log User Start 0   1   0   16   16   16
QuickLookup 0   3   0   20   15   31
TestLinkage0   1   0   0   0   0

Performance Statistics Table Details

The table contains the following information:

Field    Description
Operation:    Each operation performed against the database has been allocated a name. This allows a particular operation to be tracked and quicky found should problems arise.
ServFail:    This is a count of the number of time the operation performed / failed at the server.
Count:    This records the number of times the particular operation has been performed.
Errors:    The number of errors that have ocured performing this operation
Ave:    The average time taken, in milliseconds, for the operation to be performed.
Min:    The minimum time taken, in milliseconds, for the operation to be performed.
Max:    The maximum time taken, in milliseconds, for the operation to be performed.

Database Connection List

Along with the table of database performance statistics, a list of database connections is shown at the top of the page. This list will dynamically change as HL7Connect uses and releases database connections.

Connection List Details

HL7Connect uses a pool of database connections. HL7Connect will use a connection when it is required to perform some database action. When the connection is not required, HL7Connect will return the connection to the pool for use at a later moment in time.

This list can show if there is a problem with a connection. In normal use the connection will be grabbed, used and released.
You may see from time to time the current operation name shown.

Normally this name will disappear, and generally only shows if the current operation takes some time to perform. If a problem ocured, this name would constantly show up in the list and could indicate that there is some sort of problem associated with the operation in progress.

Connection List Problems

An example of a problem with a connection could be that you were deleting a number of messages from the database.
Should the transaction log of the HL7Connect database or the tempdb become full, on some database platforms the current transaction will be stopped until some space has been allocated or cleared to the log space or the tempdb.

An example where the connection name may show up but is not a problem is, if an interface has been configured to delete messages after a certain time period. If there is a large number of messages to be deleted, this operation may take some time to perform, thus this operation will show up in the Connection List. It will also show up in the Performance table with larger than normal figures for the minimum, maximum and average times taken to perform the operation.

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