HL7Connect includes a debug option which can be useful in some cases.

Debug Mode

Starting Debug mode

To start HL7Connect in debug mode:

  1. Stop the HL7Connect service if it is running
  2. Open a DOS command prompt
  3. Navigate via DOS to the HL7Connect bin directory (where HL7Connect.exe can be found).
    For most default installations, this will be C:\Program Files\HL7Connect\bin.
  4. In this directory, type the following command:

    HL7Connect -debug

This will launch a new dos box, which starts HL7Connect in an interactive mode known as debug mode. The kernel will run as usual.

The primary difference when running HL7Connect in this mode is that HL7Connect will be running in "logged-in users" context, not it's usual context of SYSTEM.
NOTE: This difference should be kept in mind when troubleshooting HL7Connect in this manner.

If you log off the pc when you have HL7Connect running as debug mode it will END the HL7Connect debug session - HL7Connect will not be running once logged off.

Shutdown in Debug mode

If HL7Connect is running in debug mode, normal shutdown can be initiated by clicking on the debug window and pressing the Control - C keys together.

Support Engineer Tools

You may be able to obtain from the HL7Connect support, a HL7Connect.map file, to assist with debugging.

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