The CDA library provides a general model for CDA documents. CCD is a profile on the general CDA model which makes many restrictions on the content of the CDA document, and also provides business names that help to map the somewhat abstract names of the CDA document to the CCD context of use.

The CCD builder provides an object API over the top of an underlying CDA that make it easy to build a CCD document by filling out all the fixed values, and expressing the API in terms of the business names defined in the CCD specification.

The API is intentionally simplified, but the underlying CDA classes can be accessed through the API if more content is desired that is not fixed by the CCD specification.

The CCD builder is also useful when reading CCD documents, as it surfaces the existing document through the CCD API.

The CCD Builder is access through the events, by using the UseCCD() routine.


HL7Connect.Cda.ClinicalDocument CDA;
   Underlying CDA docuemnt (may be null if not building)

string Title;
   The title of the document

HL7Connect.Cda.II Id;
   Identity of the document {mandatory; may be null if reading and document is not conformant)

string LanguageCode;
   the language of the document. (will not be null)

HL7Connect.Ccd.ServiceEvent ServiceEvent;
   The main activity being described by a CCD is the provision of healthcare over a period of time. The ServiceEvent describes the activity (will not be null)

HL7Connect.Ccd.Patient Patient;
   The patient concerning which the document is about. (will not be null)

HL7Connect.Ccd.Patient Patient2;
   A second patient, for the rare case in which the document concerns a pair of conjoined twins. (will be null when reading if not in source document)

IList<HL7Connect.Ccd.From> FromList;
   Identifies who or what has generated the summarization (will not be null. a valid document must have at least one entry)

HL7Connect.Ccd.Purpose Purpose;
   Represents the specific reason for which the summarization was generated, such as in response to a request.

(may be null if reading and the source document does not contain a purpose)

HL7Connect.Ccd.Payers Payers;
   Payers contains data on the patient's payers, whether a 'third party' insurance, self-pay, other payer or guarantor, or some combination of payers, and is used to define which entity is the responsible fiduciary for the financial aspects of a patie

(may be null if reading and the source document does not contain a Payer)

HL7Connect.Ccd.Encounters Encounters;
   Encounters contains data on any of the the patient's Encounters that are pertinent to the patient's current health status.

(may be null if reading and the source document does not contain a Encounter)

HL7Connect.Ccd.Results Results;
   Results - lab, imaging etc.

HL7Connect.Ccd.Problems Problems;
   Problems - All relevant clinical problems at the time the summary is generated

HL7Connect.Ccd.FamilyHistory FamilyHistory;
   FamilyHistory - Data defining the patients genetic relatives in terms of possible or relevant health risk factors that have a potential impact on the patient's healthcare risk profile


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