Family History Observations about a single Relative.


HL7Connect.Cda.Entry CDAEntry;
   Underlying CDA Entry (may not be null)

HL7Connect.Ccd.FamilyHistoryRelative Relative;
   The details of who this is about

bool IsExplicit;
   In a CCD document, a family history entry on an indvidual can be represented as either an organiser with a subject and a series of obseravations, or as an observation with a subject. Which it is represented by this property. Note that this must be true if there is more than one observation

IList<HL7Connect.Ccd.FamilyHistoryObservation> ObservationList;
   One of more observations about the relative


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Keywords: CDAEntry, IsExplicit, ObservationList, Relative, HL7Connect.Ccd.FamilyHistoryEntry, FamilyHistoryEntry