The CCD Builder Module


ContentBuilderBuilds a content part

ParagraphBuilderBuilds a paragraph

ListBuilderBuilds a List

TableRowBuilderBuilds a Row in a Table

TableBuilderBuilds a Table

NarrativeBuilderBuilds a Narrative Block

ServiceEventa Service

Patienta Patient

Devicea Device

Persona Person

Organizationan organization

Froma source

PurposeStatementa statement of purpose

Purposea purpose

AuthorizationActivitya statement of CoverageDetail

PolicyActivityA policy activity represents the policy or program providing the coverage. The person for whom payment is being provided (i.e. the patient) is the covered party. The subscriber of the policy or program is represented as a participant that is the holder the coverage. The payer is represented as the performer of the policy activity.

CoverageActivityInsurance and authorization acts are represented as Acts within the section. These acts are grouped together under a single coverage activity, which serves to order the payment sources. A coverage activity contains one or more policy activities, each of which contains zero or more authorization activities.

Payersa Payers

EncounterLocationa statement of CoverageDetail

EncounterActivitya statement of Coverage

Encountersa Encounters

ResultObservationactual result

ResultOrganizera statement of Coverage

Resultsa Results

ProblemObservationactual result

ProblemActa statement of a problem

Problemsa Problems

FamilyHistoryRelativeDescribes the Relative that a family history entry is about

The Age of the patient may be inferred from these details, but the age of the patient associated with any particular observation may also be reported directly (i.e Uncle Joe was born 1955, passed away when 53 years old, but had a heart attack in his 40s)

FamilyHistoryObservationAn observation of a problem in family history

May be cause of death or not. May have a problem observation

Other observations are available through CDAEntry

FamilyHistoryEntryFamily History Observations about a single Relative.

FamilyHistorya FamilyHistory

BuilderThe CDA library provides a general model for CDA documents. CCD is a profile on the general CDA model which makes many restrictions on the content of the CDA document, and also provides business names that help to map the somewhat abstract names of the CDA document to the CCD context of use.

The CCD builder provides an object API over the top of an underlying CDA that make it easy to build a CCD document by filling out all the fixed values, and expressing the API in terms of the business names defined in the CCD specification.

The API is intentionally simplified, but the underlying CDA classes can be accessed through the API if more content is desired that is not fixed by the CCD specification.

The CCD builder is also useful when reading CCD documents, as it surfaces the existing document through the CCD API.

The CCD Builder is access through the events, by using the UseCCD() routine.

FactoryUsed to build new instances of CCD related classes

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