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Mailing and home or office addresses.

AD is primarily used to communicate data that will allow printing mail labels, or that will allow a person to physically visit that address. The postal address datatype is not supposed to be a container for additional information that might be useful for finding geographic locations (e.g., GPS coordinates) or for performing epidemiological studies. Such additional information should be captured by other, more appropriate data structures.

Addresses are essentially sequences of address parts, but add a "use" code and a valid time range for information about if and when the address can be used for a given purpose


IList<HL7Connect.Cda.ADXP> part;
   A sequence of address parts, such as street or post office Box, city, postal code, country, etc.
ISet use;
   A set of codes advising a system or user which address in a set of like addresses to select for a given purpose.

An address without specific use code might be a default address useful for any purpose, but an address with a specific use code would be preferred for that respective purpose.

If populated, the values contained in this attribute SHALL be taken from the HL7 PostalAddressUse code system.

HL7Connect.Cda.QSET useablePeriod;
   A General Timing Specification (GTS) specifying the periods of time during which the address can be used. This is used to specify different addresses for different times of the week or year.
bool isNotOrdered;
   A boolean value specifying whether the order of the address parts is known or not. While the address parts are always a sequence, the order in which they are presented may or may not be known to be true or important. Where this matters, the isNotOrdered property can be used to convey this information. The default value for isNotOrdered is false.
bool HasIsNotOrdered;
   false if isNotOrdered is null, true if isNotOrdered is either true or false


HL7Connect.Cda.ADXP AddPart(string sValue, Tv3AddressPartType type_);
   Shortcut method. Add an address part with a type which is one of the Tv3AddressPartType enumerated constants.

Possible address part types


aptAL : Address Line : An address line is for either an additional locator, a delivery address or a street address. An address generally has only a delivery address line or a street address line, but not both

aptADL : Additional Locator : This can be a unit designator, such as apartment number, suite number, or floor. There may be several unit designators in an address (e.g., "3rd floor, Appt. 342"). This can also be a designator pointing away from the location, rather than specifying a smaller location within some larger one (e.g., Dutch "t.o." means "opposite to" for house boats located across the street facing houses)

aptUNID : Unit Identifier : The number or name of a specific unit contained within a building or complex, as assigned by that building or complex

aptUNIT : Unit Designator : Indicates the type of specific unit contained within a building or complex. E.g. Apartment, Floor

aptDAL : Delivery Address Line : A delivery address line is frequently used instead of breaking out delivery mode, delivery installation, etc. An address generally has only a delivery address line or a street address line, but not both.

aptDINST : Delivery Installation Type : Indicates the type of delivery installation (the facility to which the mail will be delivered prior to final shipping via the delivery mode.) Example: post office, letter carrier depot, community mail center, station, etc.

aptDINSTA : Delivery Installation Area : The location of the delivery installation, usually a town or city, and is only required if the area is different from the municipality. Area to which mail delivery service is provided from any postal facility or service such as an individual letter carrier, rural route, or postal route

aptDINSTQ : Delivery Installation Qualifier : A number, letter or name identifying a delivery installation. E.g., for Station A, the delivery installation qualifier would be 'A'.

aptDMOD : Delivery Mode : Indicates the type of service offered, method of delivery. For example: post office box, rural route, general delivery, etc.

aptDMODID : Delivery Mode Identifier: Represents the routing information such as a letter carrier route number. It is the identifying number of the designator (the box number or rural route number)

aptSAL : Street Address Line : A street address line is frequently used instead of breaking out build number, street name, street type, etc. An address generally has only a delivery address line or a street address line, but not both.

aptBNR : Building Number : The number of a building, house or lot alongside the street. Also known as "primary street number". This does not number the street but rather the building

aptBNN : Building Number Numeric : The numeric portion of a building number

aptBNS : Building Number Suffix : Any alphabetic character, fraction or other text that may appear after the numeric portion of a building number

aptSTR : Street Name : The name of the street, including the type

aptSTB : Street Name Base : The base name of a roadway or artery recognized by a municipality (excluding street type and direction)

aptSTTYP : Street Type : The designation given to the street. (e.g. Street, Avenue, Crescent, etc.)

aptDIR : Direction : Direction (e.g., N, S, W, E)

aptINT : Intersection : An intersection denotes that the actual address is located at or close to the intersection of two or more streets

aptCAR : Care of : The name of the party who will take receipt at the specified address, and will take on responsibility for ensuring delivery to the target recipient.

Note: This is included only to support the convention of writing c/- address lines. This item is not appropriate for use when information is entrusted to one party on behalf of another in some significant way.

aptCEN : Census Tract : A geographic sub-unit delineated for demographic purposes

aptCNT : Country : Country

aptCPA : County or Parish : A sub-unit of a state or province. (49 of the United States of America use the term "county;" Louisiana uses the term "parish")

aptCTY : Municipality : The name of the city, town, village, or other community or delivery center

aptDEL : Delimiter : Delimiters are printed without framing white space. If no value component is provided, the delimiter appears as a line break

aptPOB : Post box : A numbered box located in a post station

aptPRE : Precinct : A subsection of a municipality

aptSTA : State or Province : A sub-unit of a country with limited sovereignty in a federally organized country

aptZIP : Postal Code : A postal code designating a region defined by the postal service

bool HasPart(HL7Connect.Cda.ADXP oPart);
   true if the address includes a part that matches oPart (same type and value)

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