Ancestor: HL7Connect.Cda.BaseList1

a list of extensions



HL7Connect.Cda.Extension Append();
   Add a ANY to the end of the list

void InsertItem(int iIndex, HL7Connect.Cda.Extension value);
   Insert a existing ANY before the specified iten (0 = first item)

HL7Connect.Cda.Extension Insert(int iIndex);
   Insert a ANY before the specified iten (0 = first item)

void AddItem(HL7Connect.Cda.Extension value);
   Add an existing ED to the list

HL7Connect.Cda.Extension Item(int iIndex);
   Get the iIndexth ANY (0 = first item)

int IndexOf(HL7Connect.Cda.Extension value);
   Get the index of the object

void SetItemByIndex(int iIndex, HL7Connect.Cda.Extension value);
   Set the iIndexth ANY (0 = first item)

int Count();
   The number of items in the collection

void Remove(int iIndex);
   Remove the iIndexth item (0 = first item)

void ClearItems();
   Remove All Items from the list

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