Ancestor: HL7Connect.Cda.SNBase

Used to wrap a string of text so that it can be explicitly referenced, or so that it can suggest rendering characteristics. Content can be nested recursively, which enables wrapping a string of plain text down to as small a chunk as desired.

Content has an optional identifier that can serve as the target of a reference. This identifier, represented as an XML ID attribute, must be unique within the document context. The originalText attribute of a datatype defined in this specification may make explicit reference to the content using the identifier, thereby indicating the original text associated with the datatype.


TsnRevised revised;
   can be used to indicate narrative changes from the last version of a CDA document. The attribute is limited to a single generation, in that it only reflects the changes from the preceding version of a document. Receivers SHALL interpret the "revised" attribute when rendering by visually distinguishing or suppressing deleted narrative.

Note: If applied, this attribute SHALL be used in conjunction with appropriate document version tracking as defined in the applicable conformance statement for the document context

-- Revised status options for a Content element


insert : Insert : This content was inserted in this revision of the document

delete : Delete : This content was deleted in this revision of the document

IList<HL7Connect.Cda.CMContent> parts;
   A series of parts that capture the content of the Content


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