Ancestor: HL7Connect.Cda.DataValue

Information about the history of this value: period of validity and a reference to an identified event that established this value as valid.

Because of the way that the types are defined, a number of attributes of the datatypes have values with a type derived from HXIT. In these cases the HXIT attributes are constrained to null. The only case where the HXIT attributes are allowed within a datatype is on items in a collection (DSET, LIST, BAG, HIST).

The use of these attributes is generally subject to further constraints in the specifications that make use of these types


string validTimeLow;
   The time that the given information became or will become valid.

This is not the time that any system first observed the value, but the time that the actual value became correct (i.e. when a patient changes their name).

string validTimeHigh;
   The time that the given information ceased or will cease to be correct.

Both validTimeLow and validTimeHigh must be valid timestamps using the format described in (TS.value).

string controlInformationRoot;
   The root of the identifier of the event associated with setting the datatype to its specified value.
string controlInformationExtension;
   The extension of the identifier of the event associated with setting the datatype to its specified value.

Together, the root and extension identify a particular record of a real world event that may supply additional information about the value such as who made the change, when it was made, why it was made, what system originated the change. These attributes exist because sometimes this information is required, but the value is being represented in an external context that does not contain a proper relationship to the control information for the value itself. The record need not be directly or easily resolvable. Conformance statements may make additional statements about these two properties, or about how such a reference should be resolved.


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