Ancestor: HL7Connect.Cda.Captioned

Similar to an HTML list. There is an optional caption, and one or more items. The list must be ordered or not ordered; this must always be known,


TsnListType listType;
   Whether the list is ordered or unordered.

If populated, the value of this attribute SHALL be taken from one of these values:

StrucDoc.ListType Enumeration

1 ordered ordered The list is ordered

1 unordered unordered The list is not ordered

The default value is unordered.

Note: Unordered lists are typically rendered with bullets, whereas ordered lists are typically rendered with numbers, although this is not a requirement. -- Type of list


ordered : Ordered : The list is ordered

unordered : Unordered : The list is not ordered

IList<HL7Connect.Cda.Item> item;
   A series of items that capture the content of the list


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