Ancestor: HL7Connect.Cda.ANY

Abstract; specializes ANY

Parameter: T : QTY

An unordered set of distinct values which are quantities.

Any ordered type can be the basis of an QSET; it does not matter whether the base type is discrete or continuous. If the base datatype is only partially ordered, all elements of the QSET must be elements of a totally ordered subset of the partially ordered datatype (for example, PQ is only ordered when the units are consistent. Every value in a QSET(PQ) must have the same canonical unit).

QSET is an abstract type. A working QSET is specified as an expression tree built using a combination of operator (QSI, QSD, QSU, QSP) and component types (QSC, QSS and IVL; and, for TS, PIVL and EIVL).

QSETs SHALL not contain null or nullFlavored values as members of the set


bool Flat;
   Whether a GTS is flat (parts of the base QSET part are encoded as a series of repeated "effectiveTime" elements) or whether they are encoded as "comp" elements in a single "effectiveTime". This flag has no meaning inside a GTS, where comp elements are required.

HL7Connect.Cda.ED originalText;
   The text representation from which the QSET was encoded, if such a representation is the source of the QSET.

Original text can be used in a structured user interface to capture what the user saw as a representation of the set on the data input screen, or in a situation where the user dictates or directly enters text, it is the text entered or uttered by the user.

It is valid to use a QSET derived datatype to store only the text that the user entered or uttered. In this situation, original text will exist without a valid value. The originalText is not a substitute for a valid value. If the actual content of the QSET is not valid, then the QSET SHALL be nullFlavored, irrespective of whether originalText has a value or not.

The original text SHALL be an excerpt of the relevant information in the original sources, rather than a pointer or exact reproduction. Thus the original text SHALL be represented in plain text form. In specific circumstances, when clearly descirbed the context of use, the originalText may be a reference to some other text artefact for which the resolution scope is clearly described.

Note: The details of the link in the originalText.reference between different artifacts of medical information (e.g., document and coded result) is outside the scope of this specification and may be further proscribed in specifications that use this specification.

string /*todo: change to class*/ ParamType;


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