Ancestor: HL7Connect.Cda.QSET

Specializes QSET

Specifies a QSET as the periodic hull between two sets.

A periodic hull may be generated by comparing two sets that interleave. For QSET values A and B to interleave, the occurrence intervals of both groups can be arranged in pairs of corresponding occurrence intervals. It must further hold that for all corresponding occurrence intervals a ⊆ A and b ⊆ B, a starts before b starts (or at the same time) and b ends after a ends (or at the same time).

The interleaves-relation holds when two schedules have the same average frequency, and when the second schedule never "outpaces" the first schedule. That is, no occurrence interval in the second schedule may start before its corresponding occurrence interval in the first schedule


HL7Connect.Cda.QSET low;
   The set used as the basis for the periodic hull operation
HL7Connect.Cda.QSET high;
   The set that is used as the parameter for the periodic hull operation.


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