Ancestor: HL7Connect.Events.Base

Called by a File Interface when it has an HL7 Message it needs to convert to an XML File

The script can specify an output character encoding (defaults to UTF-8), and must populate the XML Dom (MsXml Dom)


HL7Connect.V2.Message Msg;
   message containing the content to be converted to Xml

object Document;
   Document : the DOM for the XML File. The variant is actually an IXMLDOMDocument2 from the MsXml DOM.

Do not create a processing instruction - the infrastructure will add this.

You must create a root element- a single child element of the Document.

Javascript example:

  var x = aEvent.Document;
  var e = x.createElement("test");

Note that DOM method names etc are case sensitive

bool IsPretty;
   whether to make the XML pretty printed (laid out using whitespace)


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