Ancestor: HL7Connect.Events.Base

Called by the File Interface when it needs to convert a line of ascii text into a message


HL7Connect.V2.Message Msg;
   Blank message that the script needs to populate

string RawLine;
   Raw contents of the line

string CarryOver;
   persistent within the context of an incoming interface. Whatever the value of this at the end of the event, this is the value it will have at the start of the next event. Note that this will carry over at the end of a file. You can use this in conjunction with the HasMessage property to suppress production of a message for a line and then to use the content of this line when processing the next.

bool HasMessage;
   Default is true. If this is true, then a valid message is produced by the script processing the event. If it is false, then the contents of Msg will be ignored.

if the script sets HasMessage to false, then the next time, the RawLine will contain the next line as well, and the length of RawLine will grow until HasMessage is true. (So don't return HasMessage = false at the end of a file - the script will sit in a loop

Also, see IgnoreThisLine

bool IgnoreThisLine;
   Set this to true if this line doesn't contain anything that will contribute to a message, and should be ignored

IList Fields;
   If the interface is able to determine that the line is comma or tab delimited, then this StringList will be populated with the fields starting at #0

string Filename;
   The original name of the file being processed


void reparse(string delimiter);
   HL7Connect guesses from the content of the @rawline whether it is delimited using tab or "," characters. However these characters may still be present but not the correct delimiters. In this case, you can ask HL7Connect to reparse the raw line with a delimiter of your choice and re-populate the @Fields.

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