API for declarative purposes, DICOM is not supported, and the API should be expected to change without notice ***

 Information about a Document instance in the HL7Connect kernel



bool Stored();
   ReadOnly: whether the DICOM Message has been stored. The message will not have been stored if the message has just been created using Kernel.createNewDicomMessage or if the message is incoming (and/or just passing through)

int PrimaryKey();
   ReadOnly: if the Document is stored, what the primary key is

HL7Connect.Dicom.Message Dicom();
   ReadOnly: a IDicomMessage that describes the DICOM content

string Source();
   ReadOnly: String containing text description of the source of the DICOM message.

string GetAnnotation(string sName);
   Get the message annotation value for the given name.

void SetAnnotation(string sName, string sValue);
   Set the annotation value for the given name.

Name must be < 250 chars. Value may be any length, but lengths > 32 are not searchable in the web interface

You can set annotations on any messages, but annotations are only stored when a messages is saved after being received or when a message status is updated after a reply is received.

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