Used when HL7Connect sends a document to the application.



TTransferStatus CheckStatus();
   HL7Connect will call CheckStatus every 500ms or so. See comments for BeDocumentReceiver or IHL7ConnectServerDocumentReceiverPlugin.

-- Status of the use of the transfer interface- should use go on, should use be held, or is the system shutting down?




void SendDocument(HL7Connect.Exchange.TransferredDocument doc, int iId, HL7Connect.Exchange.DocumentResponse response);
   HL7Connects sends a CDA R2 Document, and gets a status response back.

By default, Hl7Connect will wait the the configured timeout for a response from the interface, not knowing the status. Set the timeout too short, and HL7Connect will abandon the document before you've processed it, if processing takes too long. Set the timeout too long, and HL7Connect will take ages to give up on the client when the client is not available. One way to resolve this is for to notify Hl7Connect with an estimate of how long processing will take. To do this, pass the iId parameter to the NotifyWait procedure (External COM mode only)

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