Information about a message instance in the HL7Connect kernel



bool Stored();
   ReadOnly: whether the message has been stored. The message will not have been stored if the message has just been created using Kernel.createNewMessage or if the message is incoming, or if this is a reply

bool Storable();
   ReadOnly: Returns False.

void Store(int Source);
   no longer supported - use Kernel.NewMessage instead

int PrimaryKey();
   ReadOnly: if the message is stored, what the primary key is

THL7ConnectMessageFormat MsgFormat();
   ReadOnly: what format the message has. Currently only HL7 is supported. Other formats will be supported in the future

-- other formats will be added in the future


HL7Connect.V2.Message HL7();
   ReadOnly: if the message is HL7 (always true at present) this is a IHL7Message that describes the HL7 content

string Source();
   ReadOnly: String containing text description of the source of the message.

string GetAnnotation(string sName);
   Get the message annotation value for the given name.

void SetAnnotation(string sName, string sValue);
   Set the annotation value for the given name.

Name must be < 250 chars. Value may be any length, but lengths > 32 are not searchable in the web interface

You can set annotations on any messages, but annotations are only stored when a message is saved after being received or when a message status is updated after a reply is received.

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