When HL7Connect hosts the COM plugin that sends messages to HL7Connect, it will create an object that must implement this interface. When sending, you can send either source or a message model, or both. If you send both, HL7Connect will use the source by preference



void Start(HL7Connect.Services.Access services, HL7Connect.Exchange.MessageIn handler);
   Allows the implementation to initialise itself. Start is always called first after the interface is created. The handler is what the implementation can call to send messages to HL7Connect.

COM: The implementation is responsible for releasing the handler when it is finished with it. DotNet: The API will free the handler when Stop is called

void Prestop();
   notification that Stop will shortly be called. No further messages will be accepted on the handler after pre-stop is called.

void Stop();
   Allows the implementation to clean up. Prior to calling Stop, HL7Connect will wait for any messages being processed by the handler when prestop is called to complete. The interface is always released after Stop is called.

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