Factory and Utility services that HL7Connect provides to COM clients, whether internal or external



string Version();
   The current version of the HL7Connect COM Service

string DescribeServer();
   Get a string describing the server. The string has the following parts: [Name], [licenseType] ([version]).

If the context is the COM Client, and the library is initialised using initLocal, then no server is available, and this method will raise an eception

Note that it is possible for the version returned by version and the server version to be out of sync if the library is running as a client and connecting to a server that is running a different version of HL7Connect.

HL7Connect.Services.HL7V2Manager HL7();
   Get the HL7 v2 manager, which can be used to read, write, build, and transform HL7 V2 Messages

HL7Connect.Services.CDAManager CDA();
   Get the CDA manager, which can be used to read, write, build, and transform CDA and CCD documents.

HL7Connect.Kernel.IdServices IDs();
   Get the ID Manager - provides OID services (IdByName and the HL7Connect OID are not avilable in the standalone library)

HL7Connect.Ucum.Manager UCUM();
   Get the UCUM Manager - provides UCUM based unit and value services

HL7Connect.Loinc.Manager Loinc();
   Get the Loinc Services - provides Loinc based unit and value services

void Log(int Level, string content);
   make an entry in the HL7Connect system log. (also displays on the telnet interface). The level relates to the level of debugging that the administrator chooses. The following levels are described (and available as constants in the script environment):
 DBG_FATAL       1   Fatal Errors
 DBG_SERIOUS     2   Serious Errors
 DBG_ANNOUNCE    3   Announcements
 DBG_WRONG       4   Code Logic Errors
 DBG_EXCEPTION   6   Exceptions
 DBG_ERROR       7   Operational Errors
 DBG_WARNING     8   Warnings
 DBG_PROCESS    10   Program Flow
If the level is lower than that specified by the administrator then the message will be logged. If you log a fatal exception then HL7Connect will halt with no clean up immediately after logging the message

void Notify(string name, string message);
   Send message to the nominated notification

int GetNextKey(string name);
   unique number generator - returns a unique identifer in the scope of the given name.

string ExecuteKScript(string script);
   Execute a kscript and return the output. Output may be any form - but it usually html or xml.

script: the name of a file containing the source, or the source itself

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