Basic Entry points by which HL7Connect provides services to other applications.


HL7V2ManagerBase for HL7 v2 services provided by HL7Connect

CDAManagerBase for CDA and CCD services provided by HL7Connect

AccessFactory and Utility services that HL7Connect provides to COM clients, whether internal or external

LibraryThis is the master COM interface for the HL7Connect COM library.

This is the only COM interface that is created directly; all the other objects are derived from factories generated by this interface

The first method you must call is either InitServer or InitLocal. Once whichever of these has returned sucessfully, you are able to use any of the other methods.

interface todo:

  • list users, get user details, updated passwords (by request)
  • list interfaces, start and stop interfaces (by request)
  • Snomed-CT, LOINC and UCUM services (planned for the next cycle of development)

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