Ancestor: HL7Connect.V2.Cell

Encapsulates a component


HL7Connect.V2.DataElement Field;
HL7Connect.V2.Cell Parent;
HL7Connect.V2.DictComponent Definition;
   Dictionary information about this component

int SubComponentCount;
   The number of subcomponents (this is the greater of the number of components defined, and thte number used)

int ActiveSubComponentCount;
   The number of subcomponents that have actually been used (i.e. the last populated sub-component)


HL7Connect.V2.Component GetSubComponent(int AIndex);
HL7Connect.V2.Component AddSubComponent(int ANum);
   Add a subcomponent manually to the Component, and return a handle to it. Will add intervening subcomponents if they do not exist. SubComponent format is unlimited string. If the subcomponent already exists, just return it. If subcomponent requested is > 100, return nil.

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