This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

The CDA library provides a general model for CDA documents. CCD is a profile on the general CDA model which makes many restrictions on the content of the CDA document, and also provides business names that help to map the somewhat abstract names of the CDA document to the CCD context of use.

The CCD builder provides an object API over the top of an underlying CDA that make it easy to build a CCD document by filling out all the fixed values, and expressing the API in terms of the business names defined in the CCD specification.

The API is intentionally simplified, but the underlying CDA classes can be accessed through the API if more content is desired that is not fixed by the CCD specification.

The CCD builder is also useful when reading CCD documents, as it surfaces the existing document through the CCD API.

The CCD Builder is access through the events, by using the UseCCD() routine.


CDA : IcdaClinicalDocument
Title : String
Id : Iv3II
LanguageCode : String
ServiceEvent : ICCDServiceEvent
Patient : ICCDPatient
Patient2 : ICCDPatient
FromList : List(ICCDFrom)
Purpose : ICCDPurpose
Payers : ICCDPayers
Encounters : ICCDEncounters
Results : ICCDResults
Problems : ICCDProblems
FamilyHistory : ICCDFamilyHistory

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