This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

A FHIR request.

The request may have been received over a FHIR RESTful interface, or by receiving a resource or an atom feed directly from some other kind of interface.

The request may be modified by a script. HL7Connect will ignore changes to the following properties: url, baseURL, resourceType, and format. These properties should be treated as read-only, but the other properties can be changed as desired


url : String
baseUrl : String
ResourceType : TFhirResourceType
CommandType : TFHIRCommandType
Id : String
SubId : String
OperationName : String
PostFormat : TFHIRFormat
Resource : IFhirResource
categories : List(IFHIRAtomCategory)
originalId : String
compartments : String
compartmentId : String
contentLocation : String
lastModifiedDate : TDateTime
Lang : String
Feed : IFHIRAtomFeed


Link : IFHIRRequest

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