Parent: IFhirElement

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

The data type or resource that the value of this element is permitted to be.


code : String
profile : String
aggregation : TFhirResourceAggregationModeList
aggregationElement : List(IFhirEnum)
codeElement : IFhirCode
ModifierExtensionList : List(IFhirExtension)
profileElement : IFhirUri

From IFhirElement:

ExtensionList : List(IFhirExtension)
xmlId : String

From IFHIRBase:

xml_commentsEnd : TAdvStringList
xml_commentsStart : TAdvStringList


From IFHIRBase:

FhirType : String
HasComments : Boolean
HasXmlCommentsEnd : Boolean
HasXmlCommentsStart : Boolean

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