Parent: IFhirResource

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

Provenance information that describes the activity that led to the creation of a set of resources. This information can be used to help determine their reliability or trace where the information in them came from. The focus of the provenance resource i


targetList : List(IFhirResourceReference)
period : IFhirPeriod
recorded : IDateAndTime
reason : IFhirCodeableConcept
location : IFhirResourceReference
policyList : List(IFhirUri)
agentList : List(IFhirProvenanceAgent)
entityList : List(IFhirProvenanceEntity)
integritySignature : String
integritySignatureElement : IFhirString
locationElement : IFhirResourceReference
periodElement : IFhirPeriod
reasonElement : IFhirCodeableConcept
recordedElement : IFhirInstant

From IFhirResource:

_source_format : TFHIRFormat
containedList : List(IFhirResource)
HasASummary : Boolean
language : IFhirCode
ModifierExtensionList : List(IFhirExtension)
ResourceType : TFhirResourceType
text : IFhirNarrative

From IFhirElement:

ExtensionList : List(IFhirExtension)
xmlId : String

From IFHIRBase:

xml_commentsEnd : TAdvStringList
xml_commentsStart : TAdvStringList


From IFHIRBase:

FhirType : String
HasComments : Boolean
HasXmlCommentsEnd : Boolean
HasXmlCommentsStart : Boolean

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