Parent: IFhirElement

This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

Substance may be used to describe a kind of substance, or a specific package/container of the substance: an instance.


identifier : IFhirIdentifier
expiry : IDateAndTime
quantity : IFhirQuantity
expiryElement : IFhirDateTime
identifierElement : IFhirIdentifier
ModifierExtensionList : List(IFhirExtension)
quantityElement : IFhirQuantity

From IFhirElement:

ExtensionList : List(IFhirExtension)
xmlId : String

From IFHIRBase:

xml_commentsEnd : TAdvStringList
xml_commentsStart : TAdvStringList


From IFHIRBase:

FhirType : String
HasComments : Boolean
HasXmlCommentsEnd : Boolean
HasXmlCommentsStart : Boolean

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