This COM interface is defined and implemented by HL7Connect for use by other applications.

The common Component lays down common content management for the subcomponent, component and DataElement classes.

The cell may have actual contents if it doesn't have children. When the cell has contents, the content is stored internally as a sequence of content parts. The content parts may consist of a single null (for ""), or a sequence of Text, Escape and Binary Parts in any order.

The internal representation enables the full content of any valid HL7 message to be stored, but these features (escapes, binary content) are not widely used, and the internal content storage API is not a convenient form to work with simple content - which is the majority of cases.

For this reason, the content of a cell can be accessed in a number of ways:

The simple typed accessors and RawContent check that there is no escape or binary content. Errors will be raised if these exist.


Contents[AIndex : Integer] : IHL7Content
AsString : String
AsInteger : Integer
AsDateTime : TDateTime
AsDate : TDateTime
AsFloat : Double
Defined : Boolean
IsNull : Boolean
HasChildren : Boolean
IsDate : Boolean
RawContent : String
AsPlainText : String
ElementIndex : Integer
DataTypeName : String
IsRelevent : Boolean
ContentCount : Integer
IsSimple : Boolean
DisplayForCode : String


AddTableCode(sCode : String) : Boolean
AppendContent(sContentType : String, sText : String)
AsDateTimeWithReject(Desc : String) : TDateTime
AsTableCode(VCode : String) : Boolean
CopyCell(ASource : IHL7CommonDataCell)
Decode(sContent : String, sFormat : String, bWipeContent : Boolean)
DecodeEx(iStart : Integer, sContent : String, sLevel : String)
EnCode(sFormat : String) : String
Highlight(iBegin : Integer, iEnd : Integer)
HighlightCustom(iBegin : Integer, iEnd : Integer, sStart : String, sEnd : String)
InsertContent(iIndex : Integer, sContentType : String, sText : String)
IsElement(AName : String) : Boolean
RemoveContent(iIndex : Integer)
RemoveEscape(iIndex : Integer)
RemoveHighlight(iIndex : Integer)
TableDefined : Boolean
ValueInTable : Boolean

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