procedure InitLocal(logFile : String; loincCache : String; snomedCache : String; ucumCache : String);

Class IHL7Connect

Initalise the library in local mode only. In this mode, the library does not rely on any HL7Connect service being available, and services that are provided by the central HL7Connect are not available, and will generate an exception if you try to use them:

Other functions, including HL7 v2, CDA and CCD functionality will work normally. Snomed and loinc services may be provided, depending on the parameters of this method:

These files are found in \data in the HLConnect store on a full HL7Connect installation. if null/nil/no parameter is provided, they will not be loaded, and the corresponding services will not be available. If they are provided, the library will load them directly and the services will be available. Note that loading them is fairly quick, but will occupy the same amount of RAM in your process space as the size of the file on the disk.

these paramters should be null or empty at this time **

The logfile is where internal logging and debugging messages will go. They will not be produced if the logfile is null

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