procedure InitServer(logFile : String; url : String; name : String; password : String);

Class IHL7Connect

Initalize the library, and connect and login to the specified HL7Connect. The server must be available and licensed with an Enterprise license or an exception will be thrown. The COM Library will continue to function if the server stops working, though some functionality that interacts with the server (messaging, etc) will be broken.

Note that the COM Library uses web services to communicate with the noominated HL7Connect service. The COM library presents a fine grained facade to the coarse grained web services interface. You can use all the same web services functionality directly - see /wsdl/IHL7ConnectControl on the HL7Connect web interface.

Snomed services are only available if Snomed-CT is configured on HL7Connect.

The logfile is where internal logging and debugging messages will go. They will not be produced if the logfile is null

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